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Christmas Cheer!


Any excuse...

Donnie's 50th surprise birthday party at the gym!

We invite you to be a part of our
"Fit Fam" here at Sapp's Fitness Garage. 

We pride ourselves in being a friendly, neighborhood gym where anyone is welcome to join us for fun and frolic inside and outside the gym.

Covid-19 has put a brief kink in our get-togethers, but we look forward to getting back to our "fit fam" events. 


We hold 2 annual events (winter party & summer pool party) in which all members are invited to share food, fun, drink, and conversation.

We have a common meeting place at Cozumel Mexican Grill in Pelham on a regular basis, often for lunch on Saturdays after your morning workout or fitness class.

In addition, when we find a good reason to celebrate, we'll pull together something for that, too! 

We look forward to sharing the fun with you!

SFG pool party.jpg

Annual Pool Party. Fun, fun!

SFG Pool party 2.jpg
SFG bowling.jpg


SFG group at Coz.jpg

Cozumel Grill get-together. 

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