Sapp's 16-week
Holistic Health & Fitness Program

Here at Sapp's Fitness Garage we believe that fitness is a state of mind. Being fit truly begins from the inside and manifests toward the outside. This is why proper mindset and belief in yourself is key to being healthy and fit.  In our Holistic Health & Fitness Program, we provide you the tools to create a healthy mind, body, and spirit as we guide you throughout the process. If you are truly ready to commit to a change in lifestyle, this premium program is for you.

Who benefits most from this program? 


Our desire is to help busy professionals learn and apply the fundamentals of exercise and nutrition and develop a new mindset about what it means to be fit so that they can gain energy, vitality, and confidence to propel themselves into the best chapters of their lives. 

What we've found is that professionals who have been working endlessly in their careers are tired of busyness and stress and fear they won’t be healthy enough to enjoy their later years.
 Is this you? or someone you know?
  • You know you must focus on your health and fitness, but you don’t know the proper steps to get them there.
  • You often worry that there’s not enough time to take on this extra challenge.
  • You are overwhelmed or confused by the vast amounts of information about exercise and nutrition.
  • So, you've joined gyms you rarely go to; you fall for quick-fix diets and gimmicks; and you enroll in easy-access online programs that do not support all of your needs.
  • This has made you frustrated and feel defeated at failing yet another attempt at getting healthy and fit. 
If you agree and relate to most of these statements, then you are perfect for this program. So, here's the truth. Because of all you've been through, because you've been trapped behind a wall of responsibilities for so long, your mind and belief system aren't in the right place. You are limited by your past experiences and abilities, and your judgment is clouded. You also don’t have an accurate, updated awareness about your current state of health and fitness in both mind and body.  
What is needed to achieve your complete health and fitness goals and take yourself into a robust future is for you to learn and apply the fundamentals of exercise and nutrition unique to YOUR body and create a new way of thinking about fitness. 

Our Holistic Health & Fitness Program provides a solution for achieving your goals and dreams.

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Sapp's 16-week Holistic

Health & Fitness Program 

To make your health goals and desires a reality, here is what we know and believe:

  • We believe fitness is a state of mind. Having the correct mindset and belief system provides clarity on how to create your vision of health and fitness. There is ONE important process you need to implement into your life in order to rid yourself of stress, confusion, and self-doubt and prepare you for your health & fitness journey. 

  • Healthful eating can be easily incorporated into your lifestyle. The fastest way to achieve your healthiest body is to ignore all the easy access apps and confusing information you see on the internet. Learning just a few key concepts about nutrition from a qualified coach will eliminate the confusion about how to eat for your body. 

  • Exercise is personal and evolutionary and must begin at your current level of fitness. You shouldn't compare yourself to others who have lived in completely different shoes from you. There is only one truly effective way to get the specialized exercises and one-on-one guidance you need to achieve the fitness results you desire.  

  • Making BIG, important changes in your life is very difficult. Support from a group of like-minded people to provide accountability, encouragement and social-emotional support is essential for success. Have you been introduced to your new “fit family” at Sapp’s Fitness Garage? Join in to create the relationships you’ll want and need on your health and fitness journey. 


Taking control of these 4 areas (mindset, nutrition, exercise, support system) will propel your life into a wonderful future.


Plus, the benefits are numerous: feeling good, looking good, improved immune system, higher self-esteem, a better outlook on life, a better ability to handle stress, higher energy levels, better sleep, better looking skin, better gut health, weight loss & body-fat loss.  In short, a happier and healthier version of you!


Our 16-week Holistic Health & Fitness program includes:

  • Our 7-day Mind-shift Journey that helps you to discover your limitations and explore your desires. This process prepares your belief system for the journey ahead. 

  • An initial Success Session to discuss YOU! (your current mindset, your goals and desires, your eating habits, your current fitness level, and we gather your current measurements)

  • 3 workouts per week with your success coach (45-60 minutes each)  

  • 1 weekly in-depth consultation with your coach (30 to 60 minutes based on need)

  • Nutrition guidelines, helpful nutrition apps, recipes, and meal-preparation ideas. 

  • A resource guide of supplements to improve your health and support your goals.

  • Weekly emails and newsletters about mindset, health, and fitness.

  • Your 16 week commitment to us, and our long-term commitment to YOU!


BONUSES (over $400 in value!)

  • FREE supplements to get your started 

  • A FREE goal getter journal to document your mindset and health and fitness progress 

  • FREE gym membership for the duration of your plan 

  • FREE virtual fitness videos for the duration of your plan 

  • Open invitations to our quarterly (or spontaneous) Sapp’s Fitness Garage Events   priceless!

If this program sounds like a great fit, contact us to set up a phone consultation so we can learn more about your goals and you can learn more about us. We would love to help teach you, guide you, and support you on your way to a healthier future.    - Sincerely, The Sapps


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