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General Membership includes
  • 24/7 access to facility using Smart phone app
  • free initial success session which includes fitness evaluation, exercise & nutritional guidance, and personal walk-through on how to use equipment. 
  • full access to virtual coaches & classes
  • a warm, friendly atmosphere of supportive staff & members!
  One-time initiation fee:           $ 49.95  per person
  Membership cost:                      $ 49.95  per month
  Add on family members:        $ 29.95 per month
General Membership Plus+
  • add access to unlimited group fitness classes for just $19.05 more per month for a total of $69.00/mo.
SAVE 10%  +  Reduced or  No Enrollment Fee
  • save 10% on 6 month & 12 month paid-in-fulls 
  • save 50% off enrollment fee with a 6 month paid in full 
  • No enrollment fee with a 12 month paid in full 
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Virtual Fitness Membership
  • The best of on-demand, at-home fitness from beginners to advanced. You have access to a wide variety of classes led by 6 different fitness coaches who guide you through all the exercises and workouts.   
  • Preview the videos and check out the virtual coaches below.
No initiation fee
Membership cost:          $19.95 per month
Member add-on:              $  8.95 per month
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