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Masking Tape 2
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Small Group Training
Masking Tape 2
Small group BOOT CAMP led by trainer Josh (far left)
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Small group Boxing Fitness

Personal training, Holistic Coaching
& Small Group training

Personal Training Packages
Personal training is one of the best investments in your fitness journey.  Hiring a personal trainer is a source for committing to your fitness goals, the accountability partner you may need to stay the course, and the means to getting the inner and outer results you want for yourself.  A personal trainer has a deeper expertise to guide you in your individual fitness goals.
You will begin with a complete fitness and nutrition evaluation and then work together to create a plan that works best for you. The process includes before and after pictures and continual reevaluation and adjustments to keep you progressing. We understand that life sometimes gets in the way and takes us off-course, and we get it! So, having a trainer that understands your journey is important and allows him/her to help get you through it while you continue toward your fitness goals. 

Holistic Health Coaching
Our holistic health coaching plan addresses more than physical fitness; it includes nutrition coaching, habit change strategies, and mindfulness techniques to help cope with daily stressors and to develop a more balanced life. 
This begins with a fitness assessment of all areas of your life and to gain knowledge about your level of experience and determine your goals and desires. This program includes 
  • Strength training & cardiovascular exercise
  • Nutrition guidelines & personal nutrition coaching
  • Mindfulness practices 
  • Accountability & supervised training
  • Success sessions that include goal setting, action plans, and regular reevaluations.
  • One-on-one personalized support for any element of your physical health or mental wellness.
  • A Free fitness journal
  • HUGE REWARDS toward a slimmer, stronger BODY, a more positive and proactive MIND, and a happier, healthier version of YOU!
Contact us for a consultation to determine the program package that works best for you. 
or email us

  • We have 3 month, 6 month, and 9 month plans starting at $110/week. 

  • 10% discount for paid-in-full

  • 24/7 access gym membership included for duration of plan.

Small Group training:
Our small group training classes are often based on member requests. We listen! Let us know what goals you have and we can pull together a small group class for you and others to attend. Small group classes are usually composed of 3-6 people. 
Contact us about cost and to sign up!
Why Small Group Training?
  • MOTIVATION >> up-beat music, chatter from your new fitness friends, an energetic trainer. What else do you need to get motivated and energized?
  • ACCOUNTABILITY >> group training sessions hold you accountable for showing up and putting 100% effort into your workout.
  • FOR ALL FITNESS LEVELS >> exercises are modified to each person's fitness level
  • SUPPORT >> your trainer and fitness group are right beside you to encourage and cheer you on
  • AFFORDABLE >> the cost is lower than one-on-one training because the group is sharing the cost for the expertise of the trainer. 
  • FUN >> Who knew a hard workout could be fun? With new friendships and common goals, it is possible! 
Masking Tape 2
Masking Tape 2
Small Group Training
Outdoor Bootcamp
Masking Tape 2
Small Group Strength & Conditioning Circuit
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