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Fitness is a State of Mind: 3 Tips for Mental Fitness

At Sapp’s Fitness Garage, we believe that “fitness is a state of mind.” At first glance, this may seem like an oxymoron...a contradiction. But nothing could be farther from the truth.

Fitness isn’t just about a healthy body. In fact, fitness is synonymous with good health, strength, and vigor. Our overall fitness includes healthy emotions, attitudes, and relationships. It includes thoughts and behaviors that contribute to our overall wellness and state of being. And, yes, being fit includes a healthy body as well. In essence, fitness is being healthy in mind, body, and spirit.

Knowing this, I want to focus on mental fitness.

Your mental state of mind greatly affects your level of health. If, for instance, you’ve been stressed for a while, you’ve probably noticed your physical health has declined too---illness, low energy, bad eating habits, weight gain, irritability---just to name a few. In such a negative mental state, it would be very difficult to put exercise, nutrition, prayer, meditation, and positive relationships to the forefront of your thinking!

If you know someone who is pessimistic with a negative attitude, you’ll probably hear them do the following:

  • blame and shame others or themselves;

  • speak in nevers and always

  • refuse to think outside their own set of beliefs.

Would someone who thinks, I can’t workout because..., I’ll never lose weight, or I’d have to live at the gym and starve myself to get in shape, be successful at achieving success? Maybe so, but they would have a lot of mental blocks to overcome first.

These examples are limiting mental beliefs that spill out into all other areas of their lives. Without a fit mindset and attitude, overall health will be hard to come by. The good news is that with intention and effort, you can change unhealthy beliefs and thoughts into good ones.

To get truly fit, you should begin with mindset---the way you believe and think. Here are my top three tips to get started on your journey to mental fitness:

1. Detach from the crazy busyness of your life!

Enough is enough. Stop. Turn off the computer. Put down the phone. Set a timer. Do what you need to put your work, your trivial responsibilities, and your stress on hold. You MUST do this to even begin to create a healthy mind. Whether it be first thing in the morning, on your commute to work, during your walk or workout, or at night before bed, you must take time for yourself. “You” time allows you to escape the busyness, reflect, be mindful of your needs, and renew your mind. Only then can the mental work begin.

2. Visualize your future self the way you want to be.

The imagination is powerful. The goal of visualization is to imagine yourself achieving your future goals. The more you focus on these future goals, the more belief you’ll have about achieving them. But visualizing is more than just an image. Visualization should include your feelings, your actions, and the behaviors of others. Visualization is the first mental step in taking action on what you want; it’s the first step in believing in yourself.

3. Focus on the positive by reframing your negative thoughts.

Instead of thinking I can’t or I’m a failure or I’ll never, focus your thoughts on what you can do and what you have achieved, even if it’s something small. One way you can reframe your negative thoughts is by completing these sentences:

Although I didn’t _______________________, I DID ________.

Even though I failed/messed up at _______, I LEARNED __________.

Even though I’m nervous/scared to ______, I CAN ___________.

Now, focus on the second part of the sentences! I DID, I LEARNED, I CAN. See how you just reframed your negative thoughts into positive and productive ones that can propel you forward?


DETACH. VISUALIZE. THINK POSITIVE. These 3 steps are the beginnings of changing your thinking and belief system to support your desires for a healthy and fit you.

Here at Sapp’s Fitness Garage, we believe that fitness is a state of mind. It starts from the inside and manifests toward the out. Our goal is to make your journey to fitness a positive experience, starting with support and encouragement from our staff and members. We invite you to become part of our fit fam! Visit our website to learn more:


Believe you can and you're halfway there!

The Sapps

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