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NEW! Our holistic health & fitness program. Read all about it...


You may be wondering: what's this NEW program Donnie and Telura have been working on? Well, it's's our story. And we want to help others understand and apply the principles toward holistic health and fitness. Your mindset, spiritual nourishment, relationships, self-worth, career, routines & habits, nutrition, and physical activity make up our WHOLE lives and it's a challenge (to say the least) to balance all of these elements.

Donnie and I have been on our own journeys, many different journeys, to balance the key areas of our lives so that we can be the healthiest versions of ourselves. We have been applying the holistic principles of health and fitness in our own lives and are testimony to its power. It's a day-to-day work in progress and will continue to be one.

Each day holds joys and challenges that are unexpected. But it's how you react to the challenges that creates your life, your reality. Do you want to live in negativity, lack, stress, and fear? Or do you want to live with fortitude, peace, and gratitude for all that you're given?

This program helps busy professionals tackle the challenge of a true lifestyle change. Change is hard, and we are here to help.

Are you ready to rid yourself of fear, stress, and doubt?

Are you ready to gain back your health, energy, time, and confidence?

Are you ready to balance your life and take the first step

into the next BEST chapter of your life?


Read more about our New 16-week Holistic Health & Fitness Program on our website and submit your interest at the bottom of the page.


Believe in yourself and you are halfway there!

The Sapps

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