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Virtual Coaches


Strength, Cardio, Stretch, Pilates, Fight, Silver

Claire is a popular and in demand industry presenter with a background in health and fitness since 1980. Claire's multiple academic qualifications including degrees in Nursing, Midwifery, Education, Public Health and Physiotherapy paired with her practical experience make Claire a stand out in the industry. Claire revolves her practises around health and healing, inspired education, psychology, yoga, Pilates and exercise. You can train with Claire in our Strength, Cardio, Stretch, Pilates, Fight and Silver collections.



Strength, Cardio

Greg is an accredited coach and sports scientist as well as a highly sought after international presenter and fitness instructor. Over his 25 year career Greg has spoken in over 55 countries, was named an International Fitness Presenter of the Year and worked alongside big name sponsors such as Nike. You can work out with Greg in our Strength and Cardio collections.



Strength, Cardio, Pilates

Rebecca is a highly skilled and internationally recognised fitness instructor, trainer and presenter with 25 years of teaching cutting edge fitness concepts. Rebecca has presented in more than 38 countries to an estimated 450,000 fitness professionals. With a background in sport and a passion for educating, Rebecca is also a qualified naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist. You can train with Rebecca in our Strength, Cardio and Pilates collections.



Yoga and Meditation

Angela is a focused and mindful yoga and meditation teacher who bases her practises off her yoga and psychology training. Angela works to connect people with their inner wisdom, increase self-compassion and instil courage. Angela seeks to help her students reach their full potential whilst encouraging a mindfulness of each moment in time. You can practise with Angela in our Yoga and Meditation collections.


Chris Drummond


Chris has over 10 years of professional fighting and coaching experience. Chris is passionate about teaching and coaches all abilities. From professional fighters to participating in Parkinson's programs, running women's self-defence, and teaching an array of kids, teenagers and adults, Chris just loves helping people learn. Chris still fights competitively himself and has totalled over 20 pro fights! His true passion lays in martial arts of any kind. You can train with Chris in our Fight collection.



Dance and Cardio

Marcus has been teaching fitness students around the globe for 30 years in aerobic, dance and step. Marcus inspires people to find their inner joy of movement with his energetic, fun and funky style. You can move with Marcus in our Dance and Cardio collections.

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